Nifty Options Trading with June 2023 Call Options

Nifty Option Trading System (Example)

Nifty 18,500 has been a key level in May 2023,
so we have used June Call Options for trading.


Bought on 19-May-2023 @ 72
Sold on 22-May-2023 @ 99
37% Gain

Bought on 22-May-2023 @ 93
Sold on 23-May-2023 @ 125
34% Gain

These exact trades were published on Amxsys Dashboard for Traders.
Same trade for everyone, whether you trade with 1 lot or 100 lots.
Our goal is wait for good setups, and aim for achievable targets.

Our key Nifty Options Trading Strategy is to ensure time value in options.
We avoid Nifty options with less than one week for their expiry.
We will be trading with Nifty options having 1-12 weeks time.