Bank Nifty Options Trading- 11Oct2023

Amxsys AI Trading System has been getting better in both “Nifty Options Trading”, and “Bank Nifty Options Trading”. The last few days have shown again that Amxys is able to spot changes in trend before the prices start moving in that direction, and this helps in buying cheaper options – Calls or Puts – depending on the direction.

For example, let’s consider the following Bank Nifty Option, which expired today.


Amxsys gave buy signal for this call option in last few days at the following rates: 110, 50, 38, 27 — and this option hit 150 yesterday, and 219 today. The buying at 38-50 level came with a strong signal, so target of 100 was of high reliability. Such clean trades give 100-200% gain on the buying price, BUT they come only 1-2 times per month, AND they need patience plus focus. Traders who can wait for patiently such trades, without wasting capital on low quality trades, can really benefit with the Amxsys AI Trading System.

Another example, let’s consider the following Bank Nifty Option, of next week expiry.


The Amxsys gave buy signal at 117 at yesterday’s closing, for targets 165 and 185. Bank Nifty opened with a gap-up today (as expected), and this Call opened at 175, and the Call Option placed on sale at 165 was sold at 177, and the other option sold at 185, resulting in average selling price of 181, on a buying price of 117, giving a gain of 64 points, or 54.70%. Even after accounting for brokerage costs, the trade gave over 50% gain. Such clean trades with 50% gain also come 2-3 times per month between Nifty and Bank Nifty, and they need patience. Bank Nifty gives better trades because it moves faster than Nifty.

The key point to understand is this: if we can do 3-4 good trades per month, we are doing better than 99% of Option Traders out there. And if we can repeat this every month, we are doing better than 99.99% of Option Traders out there. The focus and patience is absolutely worth the effort. Thanks.